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The Broons in Edinburgh 2011

A day out with The Broons

Cramond Island & Arthurs Seat

11th & 12th February 2011

Cramond Island

Cramond Island, strictly speaking it is not a true island at all, but a tidal island being connected to the mainland at low tide. There is a paved path, exposed at low tide, which allows easy access. This path runs at the foot of a row of concrete pylons on one side of the causeway which were constructed as a submarine defence boom and are one of the most striking sights in the area. At high tide the island is cut off from the mainland, with the path several feet below sea level. It lies about a mile from the shore, and visitors should take care to leave sufficient time to walk back to the mainland. The speed with which the water rises can catch people unawares, leaving them stranded.  The island forms part of the estuary of the River Almond whose mouth is near the landward end of the crossing. It is a popular recreation area.

It was raining but still we made our way out to the Island to look for a geocache (Go Forth) which we found without too much trouble, we had lunch in the old world war two bunker with a hazy view of Leith docks.

The Walkway getting there

Arthurs Seat

Arthur’s Seat is the main peak of the group of hills which form most of Holyrood Park, a wild piece of highland landscape in the centre of the city of Edinburgh, about a mile to the east of Edinburgh Castle. The hill rises above the city to a height of 251 m (823 ft), provides excellent panoramic views of the city, is quite easy to climb, and is a popular walk.

After a night in the Holiday Inn in Edinburgh, courtesy of £60 for the 4 of us including a breakfast (great value), we headed over to Holyrood Park just opposite the Palace, the weather had much improved and the sun was out although still a bit cold, the pathways are a bit narrow, so you need to keep your eyes on the small ones, but well worth taking the kids for this one, it took about a half hour to get to the top, it was quite busy as it is a popular climb, it has superb views of Edinburgh.

The Broons family on top of Arthurs seat.
The Broons family on top of Arthurs seat