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Loch Oich

The night before our walk over the Corrieyairack Pass we found a quiet spot by Loch Oich to set up camp, camp fire and a few beers were in order, before the fire was started Stuart had to get the fire going Bear Grylls style. Stuart had his survival flint so we all collected dry timber, a few attemps with the flint and nothing was happening, more kindling pile was added and a few more stikes the fire was started. The fire was more like a bonefire than a camp fire for a while and then the popup tents were put up, a few beers and some stories around the fire were told before we called it a night.

Stuart, Craig, Jock, John & Tobar were the campers.

We didn’t get any photos at night time, we were too busy setting up camp and having some refreshements.



Jock, Stuart & Craig follow in the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie over Scotland’s highest mountain road.

The Corrieyairack Pass is an Old Military Road, built by the government troops under the command of General George Wade. The road was built over a summer in the year 1737 prior to the 1745 Uprising and stretches from Dalwhinnie to Fort Augustus. The Corrieyairack was one of a series of roads which linked various government barracks together, hence adopting the name ‘The Chain’. The old road from Dalwhinnie to the Melgarve Bothy can still be traced as it follows the A889 to Laggan, but is tarmac now instead of the old surface of stones. Where the road is broken there are the occasional Wade’s Bridges which reminds us of the line which the road actually took joining the new road from Laggan. The road then follows the River Spey to the bothy, it is at the Melgarve Bothy that our walk ends.

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