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The West Highland Way is now a 96 mile epic walk from Milngavie in the Glasgow suburbs to Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. Originally 95 miles long, it was recently (very unnecessarily) extended to take in the delights of Fort William’s High Street, but hey, what’s another mile after walking 95!

It was Stuart’s idea to walk the West Highland Way. For a long time now he had set himself a goal of completing the walk by his 50th birthday and as that will be in May, this really was the ‘last chance saloon’!! So accompanied by Jock, Marek, Willie and myself, we set out to walk the 96 miles in 5 days – a tall order in anyone’s book but necessary to minimise the number of holidays that we would have to use for the trip. Hammy agreed to drive a support van which was invaluable and he was accompanied by his dog Cooper and he also got saddled with looking after Jock’s dogs Nip and Bonnie for most of the trip!

Our previous TNC adventures have been easy to write up because by and large, the events encountered had been shared by all. The West Highland Way was a 5 day hike from Milngavie in Glasgow to Fort William in the highlands. Make no mistake – it hurt and when it hurt the most then you were less likely to be marvelling at the scenery and be focusing solely on achieving the daily objective. Individually, we all hurt at different times and consequently we will all have our own memories and recollections of the walk, making it a very personal experience. This is just my story.

One thing we would all agree on though, is that in advance of the walk, snow was coming down by the bucket-load and the forecast for the next few days was grim. Thank goodness the weather forecasters were hopelessly wrong!

Write up by Craig Hall.

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Day 1 (Wednesday 4th April 2012)
Milngavie to Cashell Camp Site – 22.5 miles

Day 2 (Thursday 5th April 2012)
Cashell Camp Site to Beinglas Farm – 18.5 miles

Day 3 (Friday 6th April 2012)
Beinglas Farm to Bridge of Orchy – 18.5 miles

Day 4 (Saturday 7th April 2012)
Bridge of Orchy to Kinlochleven – 21 miles

Day 5 (Sunday8th April 2012)
Kinlochleven to Fort William – 15.5 miles

  Craig’s West Highland Way Photos

Jock’s West Highland Way Photos

Stuart’s West Highland Way Photos

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